Monday, March 31, 2008

Where was I

Life Intervened ... It's been almost an year since I blogged .Brief Overview
of what kept me busy/lethargic:

Shirdi,Palace Grounds,Pubs,Restaurants,Guitar,Indian Idol,Movies,Scrubs,
Heroes,Roadies,Wonderla,Skandagiri .......

Monday, April 2, 2007

Everything is supposed to be Planned !!

Planning is the process of thinking about the activities required to create a desired future on some scale , well indeed ,hence we took two days to plan this very trip ,which i can term in my friend's word as "Simply Beautiful".

Sunday,1st April 2007 , i am forced to get up at 3:30 a.m. ,yeah a.m. , as obvious i keep lazying around for another 30 mins , at 4 i see my friends ready for the tour of Bangalore ,all of them had taken bath too ,they very thought that i was delaying the trip forced me out of the bed.

We reached Nandi Hills at 6. ,thanks to me , we missed the sunshine ,but as i always say "No worries" , we had a rocking time. We were posing for every stupid snap possible ,this reminded me of the Batch Snaps and Farewell Snaps wherein each of us don't miss any opportunity of taking snaps with our BELOVED ONES!!.While we were posing for snaps which we could cherish in future one of us who happens to have a Yahoo! Flickr PRO account (for those who don't about Flickr PRO accounts , u guys need to Yahoo!) was posing for snaps which he could upload in his PRO account :) ( enthu maaga).

Well the next destination was ISKCON temple (International Society for Krishna Consciousness),any visit to a temple reminds me this very beautiful quote "Sparks are beautiful as long as they are in the fire. Similarly, we have to remain in the association of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and always engage in devotional service, for then we shall always be brilliant and illuminating." All the while , a bell tolled somewhere ahead in the line and a recording droned on: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama...

We also visited the Cubbon Park ,Lalbagh ,Vidhan Soudha , the High Court and Bull Temple which is in Basavangudi area of Bangalore , the area where
I experienced METRO life for the first time, my PS 1 stay in bangalore was again a rocking experience .The very first day in Bangalore we guys went for a 10 p.m. movie , our stay was marked with loads of eventful experience and yesterday when i was back here , i was reminded of the amazing time we had during our stay ....RotiGhar,Savy's Juice Point,Cyber Cellar ,Chat House,UD ...............

Is it necessary to plan everything , Well , there are a few who think planning is old fashioned and proper execution methods eliminated the need of planning,but according to me the real deal still remains

C'mon guys, its planning time now , execute ......

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a Fucking Day

March 17th Palace Grounds , we were all set to freak out @ the EDD fest , with friends joining us from Pilani , it was an amazing experience i must say !!

We guys decided to leave our two wheelers home , so as to avoid the traffic , we knew around 10 k odd ppl the traffic scene was gonna be intense .The Sanest amongst the lot was the first one to get ready , dressed up in total Caribbean istyle as if we were going for the World Cup Match, but he was the trend setter of the day , most of us dressed up like him .

We reached the venue at 3 p.m. , we had to surpass four phases of security check , the security guys seemed quite professional but still a major chuck of ppl were successful into frisking fags and dopeeeee (not to be misunderstood with dopy ,camera's i mean )

The very sight did shock us... a big screen right in the middle disturbing the stage view ,common!! we paid money to watch the show live not on big screen , we managed to camp at a decent place but SUN god was doing his best to disturb out melanin level, but in vain ,thanks to the cosmetics supplies at home.

The show started with FTN , a pain in the ass , they were booed and booed and booed ,finally all the effort paid , Parikrama walked in,who seemed to be as excited as we guys , they played some real gud numbers (their own tracks) , thereby justifying their main motive "Fuck the Critics who think Parikrama plays only covers".

Lauren Harris like FTN too tried to spoil the enthu of the evening with her shrill voice , result "BOO MAAGA"

It was 7 30 p.m. the stage set for Bruce and his guys to rock us , they started of with tracks from their new album "Matter of life and death" ,right from the start of the show i.e. 5 pm , people from 900 ticket zone were making attempts to cross the barricade and enter the 1500 zone , quite a few were successful but professional security guards did their best to restrict most of us , around 8 30 a mass movement called"Chalo 1500" was initiated , well , we too joined the movement , 5 of jumped and we joined the elite group of people just a few meters away from the stage , well , even I jumped , afterall i have been keeping fit for quite few days playing cricket for my company :) and some trekking with my team :) .

The sanest amongst the lot was the most excited amongst us , he jumped and just ran , like Tom Hanks in Forest Gump , he just ran and ran , leaving us behind , result he was LOST , we were 9 and after the "Chalo 1500" movement we got split into 4 groups of 2 and the LOST guy was obviously LOST.

All the groups had a good time head banging , Trooper was the best amongst the various songs sung , my personal favourite being "Fear of the Dark".

The show ended at around 10 pm , it took us an hour to re unite but the LOST guy was still missing , aheem over excitement !!! .He was not carrying his cell too , he gave it to one of us thinking his Reebok tracks was not fit enough to support it , we tried tracing him , but in vain ,we did a fast analysis of how much money does he have , but one of us was quite confident that he ll make his way home coz The Lost guys happened to be a die hard fan of LOST , he surely wud have learnt something from the series . We decided to move on , booked a cab , we had just started we get a call from the LOST guy , there he was making his LOST skills into play , finally got hold of him and had a nice drive back home .

Monday, March 5, 2007

Craziest Nite @ Bangalore

Saturday Night , i felt the air getting hot , it was time to party .......... Rotary Club ,Lavelle Road BITSAA reunion

Friday evening i get a call from Manoj "Dude, we have a BITSAA get together tomorrow , if you volunteer for it , i will make sure you handle the BAR and i promise you free alcohol "

Free alcohol motivated me but this did remind me of BITSAA summer bash where i did a similar kind of thing during my PS1 but ultimately ended up paying good amount for food and booze :( "There are no free lunches(booze sessions) dude"

Well , this time i was over cautious,so cross checked about it and finally made up my mind that I was goin for it ... well,it was not only me who volunteered for the meet 5 other Da Bombs were as excited as me .

Evening 6:40 pm we reach the venue , Manoj and Chakri desperately waiting for us , so that we could help in managing the shittiest aspect of the evening HELP DESK where in we were supposed to distribute Membership cards to the BITSAA members ,collect the entry fee for the dinner and work on the formalities for the new members.

Manoj , the smartest amongst the lot thought he can handle the BAR all by himself , one gentleman comes to him and asks him for a whiskey peg ,real soft manoj "Sir,what will you have with it ,lemon cordial ".The gentleman gives him a gaze and very sarcastically remarks"I guess you are inexperienced " , Manoj smiles "Sir , i am learning , i shall be experienced by the next meet",so he runs to me and asks me to assist him with it .The Champ to the rescue :)

Initially , we were asked to charge 50 bucks for each drink , but the heads of BITSAA bangalore were quite happy with the turn up , soo , Liquor was ON THE HOUSE this evening , this did amaze a handful of boozer.

Poor Tropicana ,only the kids and fresh grad BITS gals were relishing it , else it was being used by us to make VODKA pegs, which people there just loved.My slogan for the evening was "Make two take one".It was great fun serving people ,networking with them simultaneously sipping free booze.

Amitansu(Kara) at HELPDESK was getting restless , the very smell of VODKA was irresistible , he sends Chakri to get him drink , Mind u guys , this was the first time KARA boozed in bangalore, Learners like Chakri and GHOM also wanted to make the most of the occassion , Manoj a quick learner indeed , made the most sophisticated drink of the day , which everyone loved , VODKA + Lime cordial + orange juice in the right proportion ,Chakri was the first one to enjoy and the others followed.

The help desk guys are through with their work ,Kara is 2 pegs down , he needs more of VODKA "The Wrath of Grapes indeed"

What amazed us was this lady ,BITSAA Bangalore Sec's wife comes to the bar attending section ,takes a glass pour signature into it and says " I make pegs for myself".

It was all happening at Rotary Club ,Chakri was on a high , so were us , exhausting stock of Alcohol,the volunteer now made a circle and were chit chatting , discussed every shit possible and finally got introduced to the gal who makes her own peg :) ,Swati ,Page 3 journalist.

She asked me to preserve a signature peg for her , yah , even manoj asked me preserve a whiskey peg for him , but i just preserved two pegs , one of two was for me , the second one was on the chair waiting for someone to ask for it, Manoj was happily hogging trying to get over his high ,Swati comes to me asks me for her share of whiskey , well , the second of the preserved peg goes to her , i end up ditching Manoj "Ek handshake ke liye ,i ditched manoj :)".

Chakri is feeling restless , he wants to get over this high ,he comes to me with his sad plight , i recommend him to drink loads and loads of water ,but IN VAIN ..he was still sailing on the same boat.

Well , we are through with booze and food , it was lacha time with Raja ,Krish,Praveen and many more . OMG , we guys were having a rocking time.

Sid the sanest amongst the lot was quite amazed with our behavior, Krish wanted to party more so he took us Desmond's ,where PD who joined us late for the evening realizes that he doesn't know the lady's name (the gal who makes her own peg) , so he goes like "Excuzze me , ex cuzee me , what was your name like ".Krish was amazed SID being a BITSian doesn't booze ,while all of us were doin what we are best at GHOM was getting ready to ride me back home ,we concluded the evening quota with B 52 (whiskey with coffee), Omaley indeed .I was acting crazy at the table ,manoj was sitting right next to me trying to calm me down everytime i thrill ,i was repeatedly shouting "Chill Maadi Have Bacardi",Kara was happy to know the Page 3 journalist was Bong after all he is half Bong.

Weel,It was time to GOOOOOOOO,PD was asleep ,i must tell u he was star of the show @ Desmond's , PD was asked to organize a Dance Workshop @ Bangalore ,Swati, was overjoyed to know that PD dances.Helau ,PD!!

We disperse ,Apache rider :- Ghom ,Back Seat myself .... Swift Rider :- Manoj with aggressive chakri,sleepy PD , sober Sid , Overjoyed Kara .Ghom was asked to follow Manoj coz traffic COPS were supposed to be most active at this hour. It was just a 5 mins ride Ghom lost track of Manoj's car and right in front he sees barricades and he is being stopped by a traffic police , our confident Ghom was sure that he will pass the drunkometer test ,he was asked to blow after 5 attempts he finally blow correctly , to everyone surprise ,the reading was 32 with permissible limit being 30 , i knew we were f#c#ed .The traffic police immediately takes his license,kerela license which according to one the traffic police was a photocopy, Ghom gets frustrated "watha hell how can a coloured license be a photocopy" , the other policeman hands him receipt saying that he was caught driving under non sober circumstances , i thinking that Ghom has the bike's keys ,thought we could run away from the scene , i asked ghom "dude ,wherez the key",he replies"it s with the traffic police"("on ur ass$#%^), i get agitated and i start shouting on him "why did u stop , why did u give the keys " Ghom calms me down and tries negotiating with the police ,it was one the crappiest negotiation i ever seen/heard ... Ghom goes like "Sir , this is not my bike ,this is his bike i am driving him home , if i don't reach home with him on his bike what will his parents say" OMG gimme a break , Ghom u are found drunk as well , tell them u are just 2 % above th permissible limit.

It was time to prove that the bike belongs to me , RC book , oops i forgot it in my bag,Smart ghom calls up Sid who has safely reached home, Thanks to Manoj ,and goes like "Sid , can you get Apache's RC book to MG Road it's in Ankur' bag" at 1:30 in the night , Sid is kinda confused ,he is been asked to catch an auto at 1 :30 am and travel 10 kms , he cuts the call and calls me , well , i was sitting at one corner of the road watching the scene ,i very confidently reply we will handle the situation , Over Confident Grover.5 mins after his call i get a call from Manoj saying dude even i am caught at JB Nagar , u get your bike , i ll prob get mine on tuesday :( , take care bye , watha the hell .

Frustrated Ghom is ready to pay any amount for the bike ,he gives up negotiation trails ,one of the traffic police meanwhile comes with my bike keys , well ,he dint come to give it me he wanted a test ride , ghom n myself run to him saying " sir , humhe abhi gaadi mil jayeegi , aap kahan jaa rahen hain " his jovial reply goes like this " tum yahin baitho , main ek chakkar mar ke aata hoon".

Meanwhile , the Head of Ulsoor Traffic Police joins the party , now we guys try begging , he gets frustrated and asks me to shut up ,else he would put me behind bar , i get frustrated ,how can he put me behind bar , i start shouting "i will sue u ", how can u put me behind bars ,he gets agitated and abusive , i also enter the abusive mode , the Bhagat Singh in me rises i ask GHOM lets go behind bars and prove to these guys that we were not wrong,we respect the law , some 4-5 police come and calm me and the head down , i am asked to leave to Ulsoor Traffic Police Station where i may probably get my bike , well , at Ulsoor Polic Station we meet the person who caught us , he asks us to collect the Bike from Halsuru traffic police station at 10 am , Ghom realizes that there 's no point begging more , we decide to leave.

The autowala is not ready to come to Vignananagar , he drops us at Trinity circle where we are supposed to catch another auto , One of the autowala asks for 250 bucks , i get charged up and fires him saying that he has grown mad , i can happily take a hotel room for 250/- why travel at this hour , he is dumb struck ghom negotiates with one of the auto driver , who ready to come for double the meter , half through the route we realize the auto' meter is running real fast , the reading which was supposed to 60 odd comes out to be 75 , ghom pays him 120 and asks him to leave ,the auto driver ask him to see the meter , Ghom's reply of the day "saaley,yeh meter hain yah speedometer", ghom gets aggressive and starts f#c#ing the driver on his face , he evens scares him by taking his photo and telling him that he is gonna lodge a complaint against him , i was happily smiling standing next to Ghom enjoying his agggresive side .

Well , 2 :45 pm we reach home sweet home ... This was one crazy night at bangalore , which we guys will never forget.

On the other end while Manoj was getting screwed by the Traffic Police , Chakri decided to go back home all alone . Well , he was conscious enough to go to contacts directory of his phone and press K, but he did leave Manoj who ultimately got badly screwed (92 % alcohol in the body afterall) , while manoj was begging the Traffic Police Chakri messaged him that he was going home , Manoj somehow got his vehicle that nite (Manoj , the God of Begging and Negotiation) , the traffic police still has his license , i ve got my bike back .

Last words .. "theres nothing called free lunch in this world" ultimate myself , ghom and manoj ended up paying 3000 worth of fine.